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  • Is it time to let the top Master Oil Painting Course on the market help you achieve your artistic goals? Join hundreds of your fellow artists who have already started.
  • You gain access to more than 30 Years of high end gallery success experience - broken down into essessional, easy to understand elements.
  • I hold an MFA in studio painting and have years of classical training from worldclass instructors.
  • My YouTube art videos are nearing 1.5 MILLION views!
  • This isn't about formulas - you will learn principles the best professional artists use to create and sell art!
  • I HOLD NOTHING BACK FROM YOU - no secrets, no glossing over, no quiant gereralities - 30+ years of experience condensed and shared with you.
  • I'm an award winning artist, featured in Soutwest Art Magazine, Winner of the Congressional Art Award, etc, and I want to share what I've learned with you!
  • Painting is how I have provided for my family - it's what I do - and I want to teach you to do the same.
  • I guarantee you are going to love this course. If I'm wrong just tell me within 30 days of purchase and I'll give you a FULL refund!

What's in the Course ?

15 VIDEOS (several hours ) COVERING EVERYTHING FROM PANEL PREPARATION to the final refining painting techniques!

THIS IS NOT A DVD - You get instant access to all the videos!

  • Inexpensive, archival, high quality panels
  • What to use to prime and seal panels
  • How to add texture for beautiful effects
  • What brushes I use and why
  • Sizes, brands and how to make them last
  • Brush techniques for thick and thin paint
  • Why I use a white pocelain table
  • The benefit of attaching my easel to a wall
  • How to easily make a handy brush holder
  • What is the best medium to use
  • What's the deal with Liquin, Maroger and cold wax mediums?
  • To varnish or not to varnish?
  • What brands, colors and sizes to buy
  • Will zinc crack my paintings
  • What do the best artists have on their palettes? Should we use their colors?
  • Why I buy in bulk
  • A step by step video that shows how to tube our own paint
  • Why I rarely clean my brushes with soap
  • How to keep brush edges razor sharp
  • How I use the same brush for multiple colors without cleaning
  • How to decide what to keep and what to ignore when painting from life or a photo
  • How I change a background to pop the center of interest forward
  • Why I use a palette knife to paint only occassionally
  • Knife techniques I find helpful
  • How to choose a good knife and what to avoid
  • A full plein-air painting demonstration from start to finish!
  • Choosing a good location and how to quickly capture what drew you to that spot
  • Why painting from life is critical to becoming a professional artist
  • 4 gallery paintings and the underlying principles I use to begin each one
  • Establishing abstract light and shadow patterns immediately
  • Why judging values is much more important than choosing colors 
  • How I increase color saturation and still maintain realism
  • How to avoid becoming a slave to our scene, study or photo
  • How I create rich, colorful darks and highlights
  • How to determine the correct color temperature and why warm colors don't always advance
  • Why I ignore color wheels and encourage color charts
  • How we each perceive color uniquely - why there isn't a wrong or right to choosing colors
  • How form is created with light and shadow
  • Why we should keep most of our colors in the mid value range
  • Start to finish buildup of this aspen painting including the final leaf details and a ton of information about why and how all along the way
  • I spent more than 6 months creating the videos for this Master Oil Painting course!
  • This course contains hours of condensed instruction designed to help you become a professional artist!
  • There is NO EXPIRATION - watch the videos over and over for as long as you would like
  • Stream the videos from virtually any device with an internet connection
  • Download the videos to your computer if you would prefer
  • Watch all the course content immediately - you don't have to wait for the next week's videos
  • Email or call me if you have any questions - I am in my studio painting most days except Sunday

Bonus 1 - Access to 8 Replays of Private Q&A's/Critiques


  • For 8 months I held a monthly webinar answering members' questions and critiquing students' paintings
  • The painting critiques you will see are worth the cost of the course all by themselves...
  • The replays are conveniently located on the membership site so you can watch them at your leisure

Bonus 2 - Member's Only Facebook Group

  • You have access to a private member's only Facebook group where you can meet other members and share your work, your struggles and what you have learned
  • I also comment on students' posts and post my own work to the group periodically
  • Enjoy a Facebook painting page where you can ask questions and learn without judgement

A Humorous Listen in on Some True Testimonials

Bill Inman

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Do you want to elevate your art to a professional level?

This course for you today is only $297

The replays of the 8 Q&A and painting critique sessions are worth more than the small cost of the course.

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