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Supply Buying Guide

Straight forward recommendations for varnish, oil paints, and paint brushes.

Recommended Tools

Make sure you’re supplied for success with these must have studio tools.

Panel Preparation

Choosing, cutting, priming, and texturing your panel to help you get started right.

Color Mastery

In-depth exploration of color values and temperatures.

Starting a Painting

Learn how to use abstract shapes and shadow patterns.

Plein Air Introduction

Go with Bill outdoors and learn the basics of Plein Air painting.

Reference Images

Brush and palette reference images to help with learning.

Finishing Touches

See what it takes to go from blank canvas to a finished masterpiece.

Picture to Painting

Learn how to select/reject what to paint from your reference photo.

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Some Common Questions (and Answers)

Will my access ever expire?

Absolutely not! You can login and enjoy it as many times as you want, whenever you want.

I am an eternal student myself – I love to learn from other artists. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased training of one type or another, gotten busy with life, and then come back to watch it months later only to see that it’s expired already. That’s a horrible feeling, and one I’ve made sure our members will never experience with us!

I don't use oil paint. Will this still be useful for me?

Most of our members prefer oil paint, but we have quite a few acrylic artists and even some water color enthusiasts, all of whom would happily give you raving reviews about their results. It's hard to say confidently that this works for every medium or artist though, because that comes down to your painting and learning style more than anything else.

If it doesn't work well for you and your preferred painting medium just let us know within 30 days and we'll be sure you get a full refund. No reason to pay for something that isn't helpful.

How long did this course take to create?

Over 30 Years!

There’s a story about James McNeil Whistler who was commissioned to create a painting many years ago. He walked into his studio and walked out again 15 minutes later with the finished masterpiece.

“Did you just now paint that?”


“There’s no way I’m going to pay that much money for something that only took you 15 minutes!” said the man angrily.”

The artist calmly replied, “You’re not. You’re paying for the years of hard work it took to make this painting possible.”

But all stories aside, Bill took time off from painting and spent a solid 6 months working on this course full time. Plus, the training continues to grow and improve year over year.

Will this instantly make me a professional artist?

Probably not.

Actually, it's a pretty safe guarantee that this training by itself will not make you a professional artist anytime soon. Professional artists spend thousands of hours in front of their easel, reading books, attending workshops, and using training resources like this one. Nothing can ever replace good old fashioned hard work and time in the studio.

However, this training is packed full of helpful hints, techniques, and tips that will shave time off your journey to becoming a professional artist, and make the trip more enjoyable!

Why should I learn from Bill Inman?

He's provided for his family as a professional artist for over 30 years, holds an MFA in studio painting, has had years of classical training from world-class instructors, has been featured in multiple magazines including Southwest Art Magazine, was winner of the Congressional Art Award, has been a teacher to over 35,000 artists, and his art training YouTube channel has nearly 2 MILLION views.

In short, he's a really stink'in good artist and is one of the best teachers in the field today.

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