Master Oil Painting 6 Week Course

The 6 Week Course is organized into weekly segments to make learning easier, but you can view the training in whatever order works best for you. Training does not expire, and you can view the videos as many times as you find useful. Simply click on your desired week and enjoy.

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Introduction | Palette and Brush Reference Images

Palette Reference Image

Paint Brush Reference Image

Week 1 - Brush & Oil Paints Buying Guide | Mediums and Varnishes

Paint Brush Buying Guide

Oil Paints Buying Guide

Oil Paint Mediums and Varnishes

Week 2 - Panel Preparation | Easel, Palette, Brush Holder | Oil Paint Tube Filling

Panel Preparation – Choosing, Cutting, Priming, Texturing

Easel, Palette, Brush Holder

Oil Paint Tube Filling Made Easy

Week 3 - Cleaning Brushes | Palette Knives | Studio Tools

Cleaning Brushes without Soap or Toxic Solvents

Palette Knives and Techniques

Handy Studio Tools

Week 4 - Outdoor Plein Air Introduction

Outdoor Plein Air Oil Painting Demo and Guide

Week 5 - Starting a Painting

Selection and Rejection

Abstract Shapes and Shadow Patterns

Color Saturation and Realism

Week 6 - Color Mastery | Finishing Touches

Color Temperatures and Knowing Your Palette

From Humble Beginnings to Masterwork

Apply What You've Learned!

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