I’m really excited about this game of Artist Bingo !


* You have until Friday, November 13th to complete as many spaces as you can.

* For each line of 5 boxes (BINGO!) you get your name in for the drawing. Email us at bill@inmanfinearts.com with ‘BINGO‘ in the subject line. In the body of the email just let us know what 5 boxes you’ve completed or attach an image of your Bingo Card. And if you have any great experiences playing- let us know and let each other know in the zoom groups or Facebook pages!

*3 Names will be drawn (If your name happens to get drawn twice- we’ll give someone else a shot!)

* We’ll then mail out these 2 great art books to you! (“Landscape Painting Inside & Out” and “Color and Light”)

* Have fun!

– Right-click on image to save a copy to your computer –

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