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Your painting journey begins here.

Creating can be… complicated. We can help. We’ve developed this library to represent the full range of foundational content, step-by-step tutorials, full-length paint-alongs, and professional tips and tricks available through the Master Oil Painting membership. We hope you find it as useful as we do! Happy painting. 

Master the rose in 20 minutes

Flowers are great for many things. But painting them can be frustrating…this training makes it simple.

Elevate any painting with sunlit leaves

There are really no rules when it comes to creating bright, realistic, lush leaves and branches. Follow along here to start free styling.

Ocean cliffs at sunset – Part 1

Don’t let a blank canvas intimidate you. There is no right or wrong time to paint! Whenever you’re ready to create, follow along with Bill to paint a beautiful ocean scene.

Ocean cliffs at sunset – Part 2

All great art starts with basic shapes. Now that you have the base for your seascape painting, spend a couple minutes mapping out some shapes to give it structure.

Paint trees with fall leaves – Studio watch

Don’t underestimate the power of observation. Now that you’ve watched some in-depth techniques, tune in as he brings a canvas to life in one fell swoop.

Rocky Mountain sunset – Studio watch

With paint, you can go anywhere in the world. Watch as Bill creates Rocky Mountain scenery by combining different art principles and styles.

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