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Oil Painting Sunday Best 30x40 by Bill Inman for Master Oil Painting website

Have you ever stared at a blank white canvas, oil brush in hand, and wondered “Where do I even start?!”

Maybe you’ve got the perfect scene to paint but you’re struggling to capture the amazing emotion, textures, or atmospheric light that infuses everything.

Do you find yourself asking “Why do the colors look amazing on my palette but turn to mud on my canvas?

Do you get frustrated with your paintings, and abandon them mid-way because they don’t reflect the vision in your mind? Are you embarrassed to show your friends or family?

Wondering if you’ll ever create a masterpiece you’re truly proud of, one you’re excited to show your friends? You wonder if you should abandon oil paints altogether

And do you ever gaze at your finished paintings and think…

How Can I Make My Paintings Vibrant and Full of Life?!

Artists Subscribed to Master Oil Painting Training

“I’ve watched numerous YouTube instructional videos, read books and have tried to apply those techniques.
To date your site offers the most understandable methods of instruction, peaceful delivery and consideration toward student and observer.”

Michael Schlee

I’ve been honored in finding a gallery to represent my work just before Thanksgiving this year and I wanted to say thank you to this group and Bill Inman for all the art inspiration and wonderful color tutorials. I’ve watched more than 30+ hours of your videos and my understanding of color has deepened significantly. I wouldn’t be where I am without it! I’m still playing around with both oils and acrylics, realism and abstraction but the color understanding stretches into every medium, even if the application technique is different. Thank you again!

Kseniya Ostrovska

“The way you approached these videos is a feat of organization, clarity and intelligent design that I have found rare in the arts teaching community.  I wish I had found you several years ago!!!”
Carolyn Shelburne

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Oil Painting Training Library

More than 40 Full-Length Videos – Showing every Brushstroke from Start to Finish

Delicate Strength - White Roses 12x16

This Membership video is 4 hours long

Rocky Hillside 12x16

This Membership video is 3 1/2 hours long.

Gifts that Keep Giving - Lilacs 12x16

This Membership video is 7 1/2 hours long.

Finding Gold in Estes Park 24x30

This Membership video is 5 1/2 hours long.

Winter Wonderland 20x16

This Membership video is 7 hours long.

Roses 8x6

This Membership video is 2 1/2 hours long.

Stoic Barn 12x16

This Membership video is 2 hours long.

Peonies 12x16

This Membership video is 3 hours long.

California Coastline 12x16

This Membership video is 6 1/2 hours long.

Winter Tangle by Peter Fiore

This Membership Video is 2 hours long

Aspen Trees 12x16

This Membership video is 2 1/2 hours long

After the Storm - Farm 16x20

This Membership video is 5 1/2 hours long.

Lilacs by Joanna Arnett

This Membership Video is 1 1/2 hours long

Marigolds & Wildflowers 9x12

This Membership video is 2 1/2 hours long.

Mabry Mill 8x10

This Membership video is 3 1/2 hours long.

Bees' Retreat - Sunflowers 20x16

This Membership video is 3 hours long.

Misty Mountain 20x24

This Membership video is 6 hours long.

At Home on the Range - Hollyhocks 30x24

This Membership video is 5 hours long.

Song of the Lonely Mountain - Waterfall 8x10

This Membership video is 2 hours long.

Rocky Mountain Sunset 16x20

This Membership video is 3 hours long.

Cypress Stand 12x16

This Membership video is 5 hours long.

Materials Best Practices video library!

New videos added regularly!

The Materials Best Practices library is your go-to for which paints, brushes, mediums, canvases, and solvents to use – or not. I combine extensive conservator research with 40 years of oil painting experience to help you navigate the confusing world of art materials.

An extensive Live-Event Replay Library spanning 7 years!

The Live-Event Replay Library contains 119 Videos chock-full of instruction covering a vast array of topics: art principles like values and composition; painting and brush techniques; art materials best practices; and so much more!

Extensive Live-Event Replay Library pic of the Critiques
Extensive Live-Event Replay Library pic of the Book Club
Extensive Live-Event Replay Library pic of the Q&As
Extensive Live-Event Replay Library pic of the Painting Workshops

Beginners Library

An ever-expanding Beginner’s Training Library. These are fun learn-and-do videos based on some of my favorite assignments during art school. Simple and highly effective!

Beginner's Library Disappearing Knife pic
Beginner's Library Paint Loosely with Child's Play
Beginner's Library 3 Marker Optical Blending
Beginner's Library Eliminate White Canvas Intimidation

Huge Members Reference Image Library!

All Images are available for members to use personally or commercially – which includes selling artwork created from the library. Members: to save an image to your computer simply click on your desired image to open and right click (or hold down on a tablet) to save to your computer.

Here a few examples of the hundreds of images available for members:

Reference Image Library pic Sunset on Lake Charlevoix-Rick Manthei
Reference Image Library pic Pico Island – Mark Detchemendy
Reference Image Library pic Maligne Lake Canada Astrid Zagorski

A wonderful Student Gallery

Beautiful art is within your reach

Rick Manthei

Karon Lee

Linda Brantley

Kathy Rivera

Jane Osborn

Sue Austin

Members Only Private Facebook Group

The Master Oil Painting Community loves one another. Our Members’ private Facebook group repeatedly proves it through their incredibly encouraging, inspiring, and helpful comments and critiques.

Everything in Essentials plus our popular live events

Weekly Lunch Hangout With Bill

Lunch Hangout with Master Oil Painting Members

Every week we get together for lunch on a live Zoom call to talk about whatever is on our minds. We become friends with members all around the world. Grandkids, painting, art materials, upcoming shows and gallery sales, the weather, health concerns – we talk about anything and everything! Members can ask me any question they’re struggling with. We also get requests to pray for one another. We laugh, cry, and have a wonderful time discussing art and the world as friends are wont to do. Join us for some wonderful conversation.

Monthly Critique Webinar

Running strong since 2015, this beloved event is not just a critique, but an interactive learning experience. Picture this: you submit your painting, and I meticulously examine and tweak it using Photoshop, spending hours to bring out its hidden potential. Whether you’re a professional artist looking for a fresh perspective or a budding painter grappling with complex concepts like value relationships or depth creation, these critiques are tailored to meet your needs.

During the live webinar, we delve into the changes, exploring the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of each adjustment. Remember, no artist is perfect, and I welcome everyone to challenge my suggestions. It’s an engaging dialogue, not a monologue. Often, members point out aspects I might have missed, adding even more depth to the discussion.

Even though we critique only 5 paintings each time, dozens of members flock to the live event. Why, you ask? Because it’s a vibrant, collective learning experience, and let’s face it – who doesn’t love hanging out with fellow artists?

So, to put it in a nutshell, the Growth Plan is your ticket to a global artist community, a space where you can learn, grow, and enjoy the companionship of other artists. Ready to take your art to the next level? We’re excited to welcome you on board!

Everything in Essentials and Growth plus monthly one-on-one coaching

Most Popular

Is this available in DVD format?

The Membership is MASSIVE, with over 2000 hours of content. Not only would a DVD package that size break the back of the poor delivery driver, but it would also add considerable cost for production, and would eventually lead to lost and scratched discs laying around artists’ homes.
Plus, we are continually adding new content like the step-by-step course that is well underway and the full-length painting videos.
We hope to have an app ready soon so you can watch offline, but for now you will need an internet connection to enjoy the art training.

Am I locked into any long-term contracts if I don't like it?

Nope! I’ve never been a fan of most long-term contracts (I’m looking at you Mobile Phone company). Life is unpredictable – you should have the freedom to pivot or simply change your mind.

If you don’t love the membership, then go to your account tab and cancel before your free 14-day trial is over. We’re pretty confident you’re going to love it, but we’re all unique and you may have something very specific in mind that you’re looking for. We fully understand that and have made it easy for you to cancel at any time!

Will my access ever expire?

This is a membership, like Netflix. If for any reason you need to cancel, it’s easy to do so, and you will continue to have access until your billed month is over. Once you reach the end of that month your access to the membership content will also end.
As long as you are a member however, you will have full access to all of the wonderful content available in the membership.

I don't use oil paint. Will this still be useful for me?

Most of our members prefer oil paint, but we have quite a few acrylic artists and even some watercolor enthusiasts, all of whom would happily give you raving reviews about their results. It’s hard to say confidently that this works for every artist or medium though, because that comes down to your painting and learning style more than anything else.

The principles and many of the techniques work across mediums. I began my career with pastels and watercolors, selling both professionally. Sure, there are techniques and materials that are designed specifically for those media, but much of what we do as artists crosses over from one style, approach, medium, etc. to another.

In fact, I now use watercolor for my underpainting washes and preliminary work and then paint oils on top. It is essentially mixed media but has all the characteristics of an oil painting. I even varnish and frame the paintings when finished exactly like I would with my traditional oil paintings. And I do it all on a lead or oil-primed canvas. Watercolor works amazingly well on surfaces meant for oil painting.

Yes, much of what I teach will translate over to other forms of painting. But, no, I don’t teach techniques specific to paints like watercolor or acrylic.

That’s where the 14-day free trial is useful. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or the training isn’t what you were expecting, you can easily cancel and walk away without paying a dime. There’s no reason to pay for something that isn’t helpful!

How long did the Membership take to create?

Over 30 Years! Okay, I know, that’s the typical response we hear from artists. Seriously though, this Membership content and community have taken years to build and refine. We have had members from over a hundred different countries and diverse cultures become a part of the Master Oil Painting Community.

Teaching has been on my mind from the moment I started painting. It seems to be a natural extension of learning – when we learn something wonderful, we want to share it with others.

In 2006 I was too busy with my painting career to do more than 1 or 2 workshops a year. So, I began recording my painting process. The camcorders I used weren’t capturing the detail in a way I thought would be useful to anyone, so I waited, and experimented. Finally, in 2012, the videos I captured seemed worthwhile. So, I started sharing them on YouTube.

Multiple requests came to me for an online painting course, but I didn’t have any knowledge of how to do such a thing, and I definitely didn’t have the time. Then in 2015 I received a letter from a fellow named George. It sounds ridiculous, but his letter brought tears to my eyes. He wanted to learn to paint but was feeling lost and asked if I would please create a course that covered all of the basics from materials to starting and finishing a painting.

Kristie (my wife) and I prayed about it, and we felt prompted to put most of my painting time on hold for a bit and create a course. I thought it would take 2-3 months – does life ever work that way? Six months of 14–21-hour days later the Online Painting Course (originally called the 6 Week Course) was completed.

That was December of 2015. The response was remarkable – better than I ever imagined. But I felt like they needed more.

So, in October of 2016 the Master Oil Painting Membership was born. It began as a full-length painting training video library and expanded to include multiple live-events like the monthly critiques, book club, online painting workshops where we deep-dived into the videos, weekly lunch hangouts, and Q&A sessions.

Now, instead of 5-6 galleries at a time, I only have time to supply paintings for 1-2 galleries. I’ve been with the Broadmoor Galleries since 1995 and hope to be with them until either they or I no longer inhabit this beautiful earth – they are fantastic people who I love like family! They have also been extremely patient with me at times when I have been slow to get them paintings because of the time spent with Master Oil Painting.

Both are sincere passions.

I feel incredibly blessed to have become friends with so many remarkable artists around the world through our Master Oil Painting Community. I believe you will fall in love with these wonderful people just as Kristie and I have. They are the reason I am happy to devote so much time to teaching and growing the Membership!

So, how much time did it take?

You’ve probably heard the story about James McNeil Whistler who was commissioned to create a painting many years ago. He walked into his studio and walked out again 15 minutes later with the finished masterpiece.

“Did you just now paint that?” the customer asked.


“There’s no way I’m going to pay that much money for something that only took you 15 minutes!” said the man angrily.”

The artist calmly replied, “You’re not. You’re paying for the years of hard work it took to make this painting possible.”

Fortunately, we’ve managed to keep the cost of the Membership low. But now you know a little about the work that went into creating it all. Plus, we have no plans to slow down – we’re going to continue expanding the art training content you have access to through the Membership.

Will this instantly make me a professional artist?

Probably not.

Actually, it’s a pretty safe guarantee that this training by itself will not make you a professional artist anytime soon. Professional artists spend thousands of hours in front of their easel, reading books, attending workshops, and using training resources like this one. Nothing can ever replace good old-fashioned hard work and time in the studio.

However, this training is packed full of helpful hints, techniques, and tips that will shave time off your journey to becoming a professional artist and make the trip more enjoyable!

Why should I learn from Bill Inman?

That’s a great question. The way I teach and how I paint might not be the best fit for you. That’s why I love the 14-day trial you’ve chosen. You can decide for yourself how helpful the material will be for you.

But, since you asked, you’re probably wanting to know a little more about my art background – my street cred.

1983 was the year I sold my first painting (a pastel) in a professional gallery. I was 17 years old and a junior in High School. Even through art school and then over the last 30+ years I continued to sell my paintings through multiple galleries: New Horizons Gallery in Fairbanks, Ak; The Hole in the Wall Gallery in Ennis, MT; the Outlaw Inn Gallery in Kalispell, Mt; the Mockingbird Gallery in Sisters, OR; Mountain Trails Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY; Joe Wade Fine Arts in Santa Fe, NM; Turner Art Gallery in Cherry Creek, CO; Pam Driscol Gallery in Aspen, CO; Breckinridge Gallery, in Breckinridge, CO; Meyer Galleries in Santa Fe, NM; Greenhouse Galleries in San Antonio, TX; Galerie Kornye West in Fort Worth, TX; Willow Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ; Biltmore Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ; Mark White Gallery (I think that was the name) in Tucson, AZ; Sigmans Gallery in Indianapolis, IN; and last but not least, Castle Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN.

1991 was the year I went full-time as a professional artist – painting, sculpting, and teaching an occasional workshop. I’ve been in multiple national juried shows, won the Congressional Art Award, and have my work in collections around the world from Switzerland to Saudi Arabia, and all over the United States and Canada.

Painting is primarily how I’ve made a living. I did go back to school to complete an MFA degree in painting after 10 years of full-time painting (I thought it would give me more opportunities to teach) but continued to supply my galleries the entire time.

I’ve had years of classical training from both art school and world-class instructors in figure, landscape, wildlife, and floral painting and sculpting. My work has been shown in multiple art magazines like Southwest Art, and I’ve now instructed over 35,000 artists through our online training.

I’ve been around the block and love to share what I’ve learned.

One more quick story might be helpful. When I created my first full-length art training video in 2012, I pondered how best to approach it. So many videos contained bits of the painting process, but were seldom of work the artists would sell in a gallery.

A couple years before that first video I purchased a DVD by an outstanding artist for around $200. The duration of the video was 10 hours.

I loved the refined natural looking edge work of the people in his market scenes – the ones I had seen in person in shows and galleries. The description stated that I would get to see the entire process from start to finish. That was exciting – it wasn’t going to be just a demo. I would get to see how he created those beautiful edges and skin tones (even though I rarely paint people, I’m always eager to learn new approaches and techniques).

It took 2 years before I got around to watching the tutorial, but I finally decided to block off some time and see what I could learn. As the DVD approached the 10-hour mark, he still wasn’t to the ‘finishing touches’ stage and I got a little trepidatious. He then told his viewers he was going to take the piece back to his studio to put on the final refinements. What? He never showed us how he finished the painting, which was the whole reason I bought the DVD in the first place.

That was the proverbial straw that guided the editing of my videos. My viewers would see every brushstroke! And the paintings would be the same ones I sell through my galleries.

Then I thought ‘Be real, Bill, nobody wants to sit through upwards of 30-100 hours of an art tutorial (that’s how long some of the taping was). That meant I needed to cut something out.

Kristie and I spend hundreds of hours editing out all the fluff. Every cough, brush cleaning, paint replenishing, and any other unnecessary moment. You see only the painting process and the color mixing. Only the good stuff!

Yes, some of the videos are still over 7 hours long, but it’s all painting and techniques. And there are more than 40 of those videos now in the Member Library.

I’m an eternal student myself – I love to learn from other artists. I believe all artists should spend their lives in pursuit of ever-expanding knowledge, understanding, and skill.

That’s how I also approach teaching. I give you everything I’ve got – I hold nothing back. When I learn something new, I share it with you!

Don’t let a blank canvas ever intimidate you again.

Let’s get you painting today!

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