Plein Air Frustrations

How to Capture Correct Color Temperature

Taught by Master Artist Bill Inman who has 30+ years professionally selling art, this 1-hour art training helps clear up one of the most common Plein Air frustrations; the complex concept of color temperature and cool/warm light and shadow relationships. Includes examples of art critiques and answers to common questions from members.

Your Challenge (Application)
  1. Go out on location and observe the same location in both sunny and overcast conditions.
  2. Do a quick Plein Air study in both conditions to capture the color temperature relationships and values that you observe. Pay special attention to the difference in shadows, and how distance from an object effects those values.
  3. Optional – For members of the 6 Week Course and Monthly Membership with access to the members only Facebook Group. Post an image of your completed study comparison for input from fellow members and myself.

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