How to Paint Peonies


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This training video shows every brushstroke of the painting and palette – all my color mixing and application. You will also enjoy detailed voice over instruction explaining my techniques, brushes used, colors, principles of art and why! This painting was created for galleries, and you see every step of the process.

What a wonderful surprise that first Spring here in Muncie to discover peonies growing prolifically – lining driveways like a royal entrance, in cultured as well as wild gardens, in alleyways and dotted throughout neighborhood yards.

Those who follow my work know that peonies and roses, like hollyhocks and aspens, continue through the years to enthrall and challenge my creative pursuits and paintings.

This particular peony plant comes back year after year about 3 blocks from our home in front of one of the magnificent Victorian era structures on McCullough Blvd. The peony bush might not have been planted when the property was first developed by the early settlers of Muncie in the 1800’s, but, since peonies are the state flower and can live for more than 100 years, I like to think that it was. Imagine the stories this plant could tell.

* Included in the Monthly Membership Library

* Length of video: 2:59:18

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