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Monthly Members and 6 Week Course owners have exclusive access to the Monthly Critique Webinars. Each month we alternate between Paint Togethers and All Out Critiques. On this page you can learn more about the webinars, register for the upcoming webinar, and submit your painting for LIVE critique.

This Month’s Webinar: All Out

June 30, 2018

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Upcoming Paint Together Reference Image

July Paint Together Image

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Want to submit a reference image for future Paint Togethers?

Simply visit https://www.masteroilpainting.com/reference-image-library/ and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can view pages of other great reference images there as well!

Q - What's a Paint Together Webinar?

This is a critique webinar, and no actual painting will take place during our time together. All participants use the same shared image as their frame of reference for their painting. You DO NOT need to paint what you see in the shared image, but you’re encouraged to use the image as a starting point for your own style of painting. I love seeing the beautiful artwork that grows from a simple picture! I will critique the first 25 paintings submitted for live critique, and then open it up for a Q & A Session near the end.

Q - What's an All Out Critique Webinar?

Any painting you would like to submit is open for critique, but we ask that they remain in the landscape/floral oil painting genre. These were created because so many members wanted work critiqued outside of our regular Paint Togethers. This allows for a larger variety of art to be shared and learned from. We will still be sure to leave time for a Q & A Session near the end. Again, there is a maximum of one (1) submission per artist and only the first 25 submissions are guaranteed a spot in the LIVE critique.

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– Only the first 25 painting submissions are accepted each month –

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