As the Master Oil Painting community and art training membership continues to grow we thought it would be fun to look back at a couple of fun highlights from 2019!

Let’s dive in and explore some of your favorite painting videos, blog posts, Facebook posts, and free art training activities that we enjoyed throughout the year.

Art Training Blog Posts

The most highly shared posts:

The blog post 7 Steps to Painting Delicate White Roses was shared by our art community more than 340 times.

Delicate Strength 11x16 – white roses – oil painting by Bill Inman - painting instruction video in the Membership

Delicate Strength 11×16 – white roses – oil painting by Bill Inman (instruction video in the Membership)


Quite a few artists are eager to learn how to paint roses, which is why it didn’t catch us off guard when this tutorial became one of the most shared art tutorial blog posts of 2019.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

What surprised us was when the post Why (and how) I Paint with Phthalo Green surpassed 200 shares, making it one of the more popular posts of 2019 as well. I was so happy to see that I’m not the only one who gets excited about color science.

Phthalo Green oil paint and a hog bristle paintbrush

Phthalo Green thinly brushed on my palette. Notice how dark it is out of the tube by looking at my paint brush.


The most talked-about posts (highly commented):

Two posts come quickly to mind from 2019 that received quite a few comments. One was Transitioning from a Good Artist to a Master Artist. The other was the sad announcement that Susie, one of our members who had been with us since we began the membership, had passed away.

Scott Conary's oil painting Cracked 6x6 inches

Scott Conary’s oil painting Cracked – 6×6 inches


Scott Conary’s egg paintings are sheer poetry. The subtle colors and delicate edges are the work of a master painter. The blog post discusses the journey it takes to go from a competent painter who can replicate what they see to a master who creates poetry.

Susie and Bill at the Opening of her show.

Susie and Bill at the Opening of her show where we purchased a painting of chickens from her.


Susie Burns had been a friend of mine for many years. We have a favorite painting of chickens that we purchased at one of her shows that hangs in our dining room. She had been a teacher of art for many years and was a fierce supporter from the beginning of Master Oil Painting.

My son and I stopped by to see her a couple of weeks before she passed away. She was as optimistic and enthusiastic as ever about art and teaching.

The top trending blog posts:

It was crazy how popular the updated Art Supply List post became. We had members who told us they printed it out to keep in their cars so they would be prepared when they had a chance to stop by an art store.

Rosemary Classic Long Flat Size 12 hog bristle paintbrush

Rosemary & Co Ultimate Long Flat hog bristle brush for oil and acrylic painting


Rosemary oil painting brushes are amazing to work with. In the art supply blog post I discuss brushes, paints, mediums, palettes, easels, studio and plein air supplies, and much more.

Stunning female green and grey colored eyes looking up


Another is the trending 3-part series about Artists sight. Reading the book Crashing Through taught me new things about how our eyes and brains work together. You can tell by the ‘3-part’ length of the posts that there was a lot of fascinating research that interests artists.

Free Art Training

The Free Art Training page continues to reach artists and visitors from all over the globe. It’s phenomenal to see the unity among artists from all cultures and countries with our love for the beauty of this earth.

The worldwide Master Oil Painting Community shared in a Facebook post

The Master Oil Painting Worldwide Community

It’s so uplifting and exciting to see how world-wide the Master Oil Painting community has become over the years.

We also know that there are those both abroad and close to home who, no matter how hard they try, can’t find a way to gain access to our premium training with the 6 Week Course or The Membership. That’s why we invested so much time and effort into creating these free painting tutorials on our website.

Master Oil Painting Free Art Lessons Page


We love our community so much, which is why if we could we would offer all of our training for free. It’s exciting to see so many people progressing in their skills and careers as artists.

Facebook Activity

Our Master Oil Painting community is so awesome!

Each of our Facebook groups is packed full of generous artists who help and inspire one another through encouragement, high-5’s and critiques. Here are a couple of my favorite snippets from each of our groups during 2019.

Mastering Oil Painting Group (for 6-Week Course owners and the membership):

The Mastering Oil Painting group gives our members a chance to display their art, ask for help or ideas from one another about a challenging painting, and grow friendships.

A painting by Dariusz in the Master Oil Painting private Facebook group and comments from the members.

Dariusz post in the private Mastering Oil Painting FB group and members’ comments

Members share all kinds of ideas and events from their lives as painters. Like Sue’s studio that slowly takes over more and more of her dining room.

Sue's post in the private Mastering Oil Painting FB group about her art studio that slowly takes over more and more of her dining room.

Sue’s post in the private Mastering Oil Painting FB group about her art studio that slowly takes over more and more of her dining room.

And the most commented post from Mastering Oil Painting goes to: Kim Hinkle

cat painting

Maggie by Kim Hinkle

Master Oil Painting Tips & Techniques (open to the Public):

The Master Oil Painting Tips & Techniques group was created just over two years ago, and we’re so happy to see how many artists it’s serving. It’s grown to nearly 10,000 members already.

There are so many ‘self-promotion’ art groups on Facebook – we wanted one devoted strictly to art training. It’s a spam-free environment where you can learn and grow in the safety and support of a wonderful artist community.

Master Oil Painting Tips and Techniques FB group Critique Help from Members

A community member asked for help with a painting

It is inspiring to see how generous other artists are with their time and knowledge when someone asks for help. The group is also a fantastic place to discuss materials and painting best-practices.

Master Oil Painting Tips and Techniques Liquin vs Linseed Oil Question

Look at the incredible response to the Liquin vs Linseed Oil Question in the group.


The Master Oil Painting Tips & Techniques group is public and when you click to join you will be asked to answer three art-related questions.

Also, we are committed to keeping it focused on learning – not showcasing. Any posts that don’t offer help or benefit to the rest of the community will be quietly and politely removed.

Members-Only Webinars Private Facebook Group:

We have one more private group that the Master Oil Painting Members love – the Members Only Webinars group. This is where we broadcast our monthly live critique sessions and periodic Q&A sessions.

With members from Hong Kong to Poland and down to South Africa, timing it so everyone can join live is tough. We’ve had members email telling us they take time off of work or set their alarms for the wee hours of the morning so they can watch the critiques live.

Master Oil Painting Members Only Webinars Private FB Group Critique Session

One of the Master Oil Painting Members Only Webinars Private FB Group Critique Sessions.

The critiques are designed to give each artist a different perspective – a fresh eye on their work.

Even more exciting than our critique sessions is seeing our wonderful members post their work again after making changes that we discussed during our time together.

A Members Only Webinars Group Winter Critique of Cheryl's Painting

This is a screenshot from the Members Only Webinars Group.

Another top post from our Master Webinar Group from Peggie Bain

facebook top post

Peggie Bain’s Paint Together image

The monthly critiques have been a huge favorite of our members since 2015. Cheryl and Peggie used the suggestions to rework their beautiful winter landscape paintings. I love the support our members share with one another.

YouTube Videos

While I haven’t had time to add a lot to my YouTube channel it still continues to grow.

Two of my first fast motion videos are still among the most popular with our 27,000 subscribers.

One of our subscribers told me she loves to watch the fast motion videos after a hard day of work to relax and let the stress melt away.

We recently opened the Master Oil Painting channel on YouTube. I haven’t had a chance to work on it, but in the coming year I plan to start a new series of short training and art tips videos on a weekly basis.

Shows and Events

The Broadmoor Plein Air Event

If you haven’t been to the Broadmoor Galleries yet you are missing out. First off, the Broadmoor Hotel is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. Second John (the owner), Krista, and Jamie (the directors) and crew are wonderful people who have established some of the best galleries in the country.

At this year’s Broadmoor Plein Air Event I got to see Spike. Those who visit the FB groups have probably gotten to know Spike because he is extremely generous with his time and praise for other members’ artwork. Spike’s friendship is one of the things that makes me so grateful for the inspiration to start the Master Oil Painting Community.

John (owner of the Broadmoor Galleries), Ovannes Berbarian and Me during the Broadmoor Plein Air Event

Me, John (owner of the Broadmoor Galleries), and Ovannes Berbarian at dinner during the Broadmoor Plein Air Event

Kristie and I also got to talk a lot with Ovannes Berbarian during dinner. He used to critique my paintings while I was in art school when I would visit his studio. He has always been one of my favorite painters. The colors in his landscape paintings are stunning.

The Plein Air Convention

San Francisco was amazing and cold. There were so many outstanding instructors. The blog post I did goes into detail about all of that.

Albert Handel finishes a Pastel Demo during the San Francisco Plein Air Convention

Albert Handel finishes a Pastel Demo during the San Francisco Plein Air Convention

I hope to see you at the Plein Air Convention in Denver this coming April.

There we so many wonderful shows and events this year and I can’t go into detail during this post.  Make sure to browse the blog to catch up on all of the others we shared with you this year.



Tubac was so much fun and the weather was perfect. The artists I met were even more so! I am so excited to return this May for another workshop.

You can read about the whole experience here: READ FULL POST

Tubac Workshop Participants 2019

Tubac Workshop Participants 2019



The workshop on Kiawah Island was one of the most memorable times Kristie and I have had in our 30 years of marriage. Beth and all the other artists made our stay simply incredible.

Kiawah Island Workshop Group 2019

Kristie and I had an amazing time with all the wonderful people at the workshop I taught on Kiawah Island.

Emery’s Heart Transplant

This year has been a terrible and wonderful year for my daughter Tawnymara, her husband Dallin, and their beautiful baby girl Emery. The Master Oil Painting community shared so much love for them in their time of need.

Baby Emery in front of their Christmas tree

Here is an update from Tawnymara:

“Two months today 🧡

Emery was wheeled away for her heart transplant and it was the only time her Drs took her that I knew she’d come back to me. It felt weird how calm and confident I was during her surgery, considering the week before her surgery nearly killed her.

A couple of days before this, her Drs told us that she was in End Stage heart failure and had complete heart block. We were told she could be listed for transplant, but waiting with a Berlin Heart had a 50% of killing her.

Our other option was to let her go. Twice in her 6 months of life Drs told us to choose between taking her home and letting her pass or putting her through all of the medical trauma needed to save her life.

When you see your paralyzed baby full of tubes and wires and being kept alive by a dozen machines, it’s difficult not to think that you were being selfish keeping her here.

Luckily Heavenly Father directed us that she wasn’t done yet and He had more work for her to do.

After her transplant we were able to hold her broken heart. It was absolutely incredible and fascinating! It made me even more grateful for Science, modern medicine, amazing Drs, prayers, luck, and mostly God.

Every time she laughs, kisses me, or sounds like she’s saying “Dada”, my heart bursts with gratitude.

We need to wait a year to reach out to her donor family, but when I think of meeting the mother of her heart, I get very overwhelmed. I can’t even put into words how much I love them.”

Tawnymara and her daughter Emery

Tawnymara and her daughter Emery

You can read more about Emery’s story and even donate to help them if you feel moved to do so here:

Conclusion to 2019

This was an incredible year for our Master Oil Painting community and I’m so excited to see what 2020 brings for everyone. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help as you continue on your artistic journey.

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