While we have members in over a hundred countries around the world, some of our members are right here in our hometown of Muncie, Indiana.

We have grown close to so many of the wonderful artists in our world-wide community – praying for those suffering from natural disasters, accidents, or the loss of family and friends. We have given shouts of congratulations to many who have won awards or sold work for the first time.

The Master Oil Painting Community supports, encourages and lifts one another. We love each of you. Sometimes that also means mourning for the loss of one of our beloved members.

Today we share the sad news that one of our members, and close friend, passed away this week. It’s likely that you know her too, whether from in-person interaction or conversations through the Facebook Group, she was influential and loved by many.

Susie and Bill at the Opening of her show

Susie Burns was not just our good friend, but a very vocal and loyal member of Master Oil Painting from the very beginning. She was well known throughout Muncie Indiana and the region as a fantastic painter and art teacher. She was quick to help other artists and has blessed the lives of countless students.

Many of you will recognize her name because she was active in the Mastering Oil Painting Facebook group. Her critiques and advice were thoughtful and always with the best interest of others at heart.

About a year ago her kidneys began to fail. My youngest son Enoch and I went to visit her a few weeks ago at her home. She couldn’t get up for lack of strength, but her mind and personality were as strong and vibrant as ever.

Our family will greatly miss her. She was a true friend to us and to the art world. It will always be an honor to call her my friend.

A couple of years ago Kristie and I went to one of her show openings and fell instantly in love with her painting of chickens. It has brought our family so much joy and happy memories. Our daughter Danni, who raises chickens, is excited to one day hang the painting in her own home.

Danni holding Susie Burns’ Painting “Wanna Dance?”

Susie was passionate about art and teaching because it brought her tremendous joy. Her life was a testament to the power of art to make this world a more beautiful place to live. She certainly brightened our lives through her art.

We pray for each of you who are mourning or suffering and hope our community can continue to be a strong source of love and support.

Thank you for your kindness and for making our art community such a friendly and uplifting experience! We thank Susie and each of you for enriching the world through your art and your giving hearts.