The internet has done incredible things for the art community, including making professional art training easily accessible to almost everyone.

With all the amazing options available now, where should you spend your time?

You’re not the only artist asking that question, which is why we conducted this massive survey to help you, and thousands of other artists, find the right training.

Quick background on us if you aren’t already familiar with Master Oil Painting. We were one of the early pioneers in streaming HD art training. I posted my first training video on YouTube over six years ago, and since then our community has grown into a beautiful group of nearly 40,000 artists spanning almost every country throughout the world. We work together every day to make the world a more beautiful place through artwork.

That’s why we felt so passionate about creating a comprehensive list of art training memberships. The Master Oil Painting Membership is amazing, and we feel it’s the best in the world, but we also know we’re not the BEST fit for EVERYONE. We are also happy to share that there are many talented and caring artists who have created memberships over the past few years.

It’s important to note that we are NOT financially affiliated with any memberships on this list (except our own). That means we don’t get any kind of kickbacks when you click on links or pay for anyone else’s training.

Survey Background Information

✔️ How was the survey conducted?

We used an online service called Survey Monkey.

✔️ Who was surveyed?

Respondents answered anonymously and came from facebook posts, facebook advertisements, other social media outlets, Master Oil Painting emails, and word of mouth. The survey is ongoing, so feel free to vote for your favorite membership using the entry form found at the bottom of this page.

✔️ How many responses were received?

The survey received almost 1,000 responses within three weeks of being posted.

✔️ Which art training memberships are included in the survey?

We scoured the internet to include every single art training membership that has oil painting lessons as part of their training. Organizations that offer courses but NOT some sort of membership are not included.

A total of 16 art training memberships are included, starting with the top five.

🏅 The Top 5 Online Art Training Memberships 🏅

*Membership descriptions, prices, and features were taken from their respective websites. Please let us know if any information is incorrect or needs to be updated.

The following are the top art training memberships on the internet as voted by nearly 1,000 anonymous survey responses. The memberships are listed in order of votes received.

#1 🏅 Master Oil Painting

The Master Oil Painting Art Membership

The Master Oil Painting Membership gives members unlimited access to the Membership Video Training Library, Members Only Critique Webinars and Q&As, Webinar Replay Library, Beginners Training Library, private Facebook Group, The Artists Hangout (Zoom Room), and other members-only benefits. The instructional videos range from 15 minutes to eight hours and show every brushstroke from blank canvas to gallery-ready masterpiece.

It is perfect for people who want the opportunity for professional mentorship by an accomplished master artist – and also want to join a supportive community of growth-minded developing artists (of all ages) with a wide range of experience and achievement. The Master Oil painting community is an incredibly strong group of artists who know each other, share ideas, offer advice, and help each other grow.

Art Training Pros:

  • All content is available instantly
  • Critiques and coaching offered monthly
  • Includes access to live content with instructor
  • Private FB Group and Artist Hangout fosters a community of student interaction
  • The #2 top-ranked oil painting blog in the world (right behind OPA)
  • Downloadable art reference library
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Art Training Cons:

  • Limited subject matter (largely focused on landscapes and flowers)

Student Feedback/Reviews:

“I look at many free videos, but master oil painting is the only one I was willing to pay for. Bill is always willing to share his knowledge. There are lots of webinars which I find very helpful. I’ve learned a lot and I am sure I will continue to learn as a member of Master Oil Painting.”

“I love the stroke by stroke tutorials in creating the various paintings. They are very clear and easy to follow.”

“Bill is a brilliant teacher and conveys exactly that which I struggle with. He’s incredibly generous with his knowledge and he is a person of integrity without hype… someone I can relate to.”

“The members are all dedicated to improving their artistic skills and are very helpful. The Instructor is so knowledgeable and sharing with his expertise and willing to help even the newest of painters. It’s a blessing to be a member of this community.”

“I love Bill’s explanations, they are easy to understand, practical, real-life and personal. Also, I love to be part of the lively community of painters. Webinars and Q@A sessions are very interesting and give me the opportunity to compare my work with the work of others… Bill’s thorough analysis of aspects of each painting is fantastic and very helpful. Great learning experience overall.”

“It is a place where the emphasis is furthering your own art style, not a do like I do.”

“Bill is a good teacher, easy to learn from. Website is great, easy to navigate, videos are best I have seen, every step explained. Group critiques help and Bill is a decent family man who truly enjoys teaching and painting. I want to follow in his footsteps, a wonderful mentor.”

Membership Cost:

$30/Month (Senior, Military, and Teacher discounts available)

Click to Learn More About The Master Oil Painting Membership

You can also visit:

#2 🏅 Michael James Smith TV

Michael James Smith TV

I’ve developed my oil painting techniques over the last twenty-five years in order to create vibrant, photorealistic paintings. Even if you are a total beginner at painting with oils, there’s something for everyone at Michael James Smith Tv. On average a full-length tutorial is between 4-13 hours, filmed in real-time with no time-lapse content at all. I’ll teach you all you need to know, from the basics of colour mixing, through to painting a detailed and realistic masterpiece. Learn how to paint with oils and improve your technique.

Once you become a member at Michael James Smith Tv, each oil painting tutorial is available to watch instantly online.

Art Training Pros:

  • All content is available instantly
  • Includes focused subject-specific lessons
  • Downloadable art reference library
  • Range of subject matter

Art Training Cons:

  • Limited interaction between students

Student Feedback/Reviews:

“Lessons are in short chunks and focus on one skill/idea.”

“Because I enjoy hyper-realism and Michael James Smith is one of the best painters in this genre.”

“I can follow him. I understand what he says. Not every master painter is easy for me to follow.”

“He explains in great detail each step of his painting process including the brushes and the mediums he uses from start to finish. The end results are amazing a really talented artist I have learned so much and hope he gets all the support he deserves”

“Very informative. Has good instructions on how to do something, not just saying watch me.”

“Good Example studies and Master’s analysis talk on the works that were done by the master which gives an insight into the technicalities”

“Understandable explanations with good results.”

“Easy access to lessons. Well done videos that are easy to understand and follow on my own. Personal response to questions. Workshops. “

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About The Michael James Smith TV

You can also visit:

#3 🏅 Virtual Art Academy

Virtual Art Academy

The Virtual Art Academy® online art academy program is designed to provide the same level of art education as a four-year degree course at a prestigious Art University or Art Academy. Many graduates of the program are now working professional artists showing in galleries. The comprehensive curriculum contains 192 lessons broken down into 16 workshops, and 350 focused assignments, and is designed for the more serious artist.

As a beginner, you will systematically learn to paint one step at a time, covering all the key fundamental skills, and will see your paintings steadily improve. You can work in oils, acrylics, pastels, or watercolors. You can even use digital media or photography to do most of the lessons. You get the same structured learning experience you would get at a university, but you can learn to paint at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

Art Training Pros:

  • Wide-ranging subject matter and mediums
  • Covers a wide range of painting styles
  • Structured program with online ebooks, streaming videos, and assignments
  • Separate programs designed for “light” and “pro” students
  • Downloadable art reference library
  • 30 Day Money-Back guarantee

Art Training Cons:

  • Higher cost
  • Limited access to certain features without upgrading to Pro

Student Feedback/Reviews:

“I have found it very helpful and informative. I have learned so much. I can study when I want too or when my health allows. I am in my 2nd year and I always look forward to the new information coming online.”

“Very structured and methodical approach to learning principles.”

“Everything I know about art I know from Barry John Reybould and Virtual Art Academy. I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning to paint and draw.”

“Work at your own pace. Well explained and good interaction with other members.”

“There are clear satisfying videos.”

“Challenging for growth and understanding. Basics skills to intelligent decisions.”

“Thorough and comprehensive materials.”

Membership Cost:

Starting at $49/Month (limited access)

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#4 🏅 The Virtual Instructor

The Virtual Instructor

Courses are broken down into “easy to follow” modules that consist of HD videos and accompanying ebooks. Unlimited access to all courses is included with membership.

A collection of comprehensive drawing and painting courses designed with the learner in mind. Courses are broken down into multiple “easy to follow” lessons. Each course lesson includes an HD video and an accompanying ebook. Concepts build as you go. We explain everything with no assumptions. So even if you’ve had no prior experience, you can be successful.

Art Training Pros:

  • All content is available instantly
  • Student critiques offered
  • Wide-ranging subject matter and mediums
  • Downloadable videos
  • Includes access to live content with instructor
  • Structured class with ebooks
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Art Training Cons:

  • Limited interaction between students

Student Feedback/Reviews:

“Love how he explains everything. I grew up drawing but life gets in the way and I stopped for years. Watching these videos really helps get back what I lost.”

“Low cost with high quality.”

“The teaching is awesome… I love the emphasis on value. perspective, and the subjects of interest.”

“I got myself a one-year subscription. I find the tutorials excellent, the instructor has a very good method of teaching, in many areas of interest.”

“All around good information.”

“Love the lesson plans, easy to follow along with and packed with very helpful information! Has really helped me improved in different media.”

“Excellent teaching!! Each topic is explained really well at a reasonable pace.”

Membership Cost:


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You can also visit:

#5 🏅 New Masters Academy

New Masters Academy

Learn how to draw, paint, and sculpt anywhere at your own pace for an incredibly affordable price. Get unlimited access to interactive video courses taught by the world’s best artists with assignments, art references, personalized coaching, and more. New Masters Academy offers a coaching program at an additional cost. With our coaching program, students get one-on-one instruction from a New Masters Academy coach. Coaching includes a portfolio review and monthly guidance.

New Masters Academy has successfully helped over 50,000 beginner, intermediate, and advanced level artists. We have over one thousand hours of content from over twenty instructors, including Juliette Aristides, John Asaro, Mark Westermoe, David Simon, Johanna Schwaiger, and Rey Bustos. We pride ourselves on our quality, convenience, and affordability.

Art Training Pros:

  • All content is available instantly
  • 3D reference and image reference libraries
  • Wide-ranging subject matter and mediums
  • Access to community forums and FB Group
  • Multiple instructors available
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Art Training Cons:

  • Limited access to certain features without upgrading to Premium

Student Feedback/Reviews:

“There are over 1000 hours of online training. I enjoy the variety of great teachers, models, and 3D models.”

“The training is straight forward and explains everything very well.”

“Multiple disciplines, great instructors, great value for the money.”

“NMA offers countless hours of world-class instruction, what else could you ask for?”

“Everyone at the NMA are professionals at what they do…it has been an amazing experience for me to work with all them!”

“I like the wide variety of classes that I can watch on my own time.”

Membership Cost:

Starting at $39/Month (limited access)

Click to Learn More About The New Masters Academy

You can also visit:

🎉 Art Training Membership Honorable Mentions 🎉

Here are the other awesome art training memberships that artists love, but just don’t have enough votes to be listed in the Top 5 Best Memberships above. If you think one of these memberships belongs on the list of Top 5 Best Memberships then be sure to vote for them using the form found at the bottom of this page.

These memberships are not listed in any particular order.

🎉 Easel Insight

Easel Insight

Easel Insight is a supportive & lively artist membership site.

I have uniquely designed Easel Insight to deliver video tutorials – about 15 min. long – to artist members in a concise, concept-driven, focused way. This allows for maximized learning in minimal time for our busy lifestyles.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About Easel Insight

You can also visit:

🎉 Alexander Art

Alexander Art

Get access to professional artists, professional teachers, and hundreds of hours of resources!

We offer all artists the opportunity to learn and/or improve their art right here. Your search for quality art instruction is over. Stop jumping around among painters or groups looking for the right instruction.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About Alexander Art

You can also visit:

🎉 My Painting Club

My Painting Club

Our Premium monthly subscription gives you access to over 100 online painting lessons, with new lessons added regularly. You’ll also get access to all eBooks and lesson notes, monthly group workshops, and DVDs at cost price.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About My Painting Club

You can also visit:

🎉 Weekly Painting Class

Weekly Painting Class

Every Monday, you are going to get an email from me with a link that will take you to our private membership site that will contain the week’s materials. Information and all demonstrations are delivered in a video format and then you work at your own pace. The only things that are scheduled are the webinars. This is where we discuss the paintings people submit and answer questions. No painting demonstration occurs at the Webinar. Also please note that the webinars are going to be recorded so you don’t even have to show up for them. You can send in your paintings and questions and then watch the Webinar replays for your answers at your leisure.

There is no time limit or commitment to get paintings done by a certain time and the videos will remain up so you can come back to them anytime.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About The Weekly Painting Class

You can also visit:

🎉 The Joyful Brush

The Joyful Brush

Cultivate your creativity brilliantly all year long, through every season, with bold color and lessons that never expire for as long as you’re a member. Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, and full-length oil painting videos that share hands-on information every step of the way? The Joyful Brush is your new space to grow with Nancy Medina, a master signature artist who has worked with Disney, taught for the Dallas Arboretum, and hosts journey workshops in France and Italy.

Each month, in addition to studio tips and full-length painting lessons, you’ll get downloads and challenge lessons, giving you a starting point to create and learn independently. Nancy shares every color and every recipe she is using, holding nothing back from her students.

Membership Cost:


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You can also visit:

🎉 Artists Network TV

Artists Network TV

With over 700 art video workshops in all your favorite mediums–acrylic, watercolor, pastel, oil, drawing, and more–there’s a video tutorial here that can help you improve your painting, no matter what your skill level! Let your favorite instructors share their art techniques and show you how to paint and draw. Choose a monthly or annual subscription and receive unlimited access to over 700 art video workshops and select online courses.

Membership Cost:


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You can also visit:

🎉 Skillshare


We believe the best way to learn is by putting your skills to use. That’s why every Skillshare class has a project that lets you practice and get feedback.

Create projects you’re proud to share. Classes include prompts and resources. Share and collaborate with a growing community of over 7 million creators. Unlock styles and strategies today’s creators need to know.

Membership Cost:


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You can also visit:

🎉 Yarnell School Online

Yarnel School of Fine Art

Jerry’s Yarnell School Online (YSO) is a strategic approach for enhancing the learning of his students; it’s an up to date colorful video library of all his new Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® shows, snippets, plus materials taped just for YSO at the comfort of your IPad, IPhone, Android, computer (PC or Mac) and soon your TV.

Leisurely enjoy Jerry’s videos. Rewind, fast forward, or pause the video to capture all those special moments of the most up to date and latest videos as they become available. Truly ‘fingertip’ access to a Jerry Yarnell library of learning.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About The Yarnell School Online

You can also visit:

🎉 Bright Light Fine Art

Bright Light Fine Arts

Beginners and advanced artists alike are discovering the best online art instruction of drawing and painting classes is available at Bright Light Fine Art. Bring your work and your understanding of painting and drawing to a completely new level by becoming a member and joining The Artists Guild.

Learn how to paint, draw still life, portraits, landscapes and more from the masters, like David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kamin, as they share their expertise in traditional realist drawing and painting classes through a constantly expanding collection of exclusive fine art videos and live instruction.

Membership Cost:

Starting at $29/Month (limited access)

Click to Learn More About Bright Light Fine Arts

You can also visit:

🎉 My Bluprint

My Bluprint

Find everything you need to do more in all your favorite crafts. Start a risk-free trial to become a better quilter, knitter, sewist, cake artist and more.

Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of expert-led classes to quickly master any technique. Explore hundreds of project ideas, professionally tested patterns, and step-by-step tutorials. Get everything you need for your next project with the best supplies and kits, curated by creative pros.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About My Bluprint

You can also visit:

🎉 Sadie Valeri Atelier

Sadie Valeri Atelier

Study painting and drawing from the comfort of your home studio with master instructor Sadie Valeri. Sadie’s practical, step-by-step videos teach more about painting and drawing realistically than is taught in most four-year art schools.

Sadie Valeri Atelier is the only art program that offers a complete classical atelier education online.

Membership Cost:


Click to Learn More About Sadie Valeri Atelier

You can also visit:

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