We know not all in our wonderful community celebrate Christmas.Ā  We have artists from all over the world with different languages, customs, and beliefs.

When we say “Merry Christmas” we are not trying to convert you to Christianity, we are wanting you to feel the blessings and great joy of what we believe to be the most wonderful gift of all time, the birth of our Savior.

Love Knows No Bounds - the true message of Christmas!

Love Knows No Bounds 18×24 by Bill Inman – image can be used for Non Commercial Use

While we speak of our faith, we acknowledge and welcome the good found in all faiths.Ā  We hope you will sense the unifying magic that the Christmas season creates and experience a feeling of goodwill towards one another.

In our Membership, we have artists with the skill level of ‘just picking up a brush for the first time’ to ‘seasoned professionals’. We have artists who paint in watercolor, acrylic, and of course, oils.Ā  We have artists who paint still lifes, portraits, Westerns and landscapes of all types.

We marvel that all these talents and personalities are able to mesh so well. You make our lives richer and fill us with happiness as we watch you support, encourage, celebrate, and help one another.

happy people

We feel incredibly blessed to be involved with such a beautiful melting pot of people who love to paint!

We are proud of our group of artists!Ā  We love you so much!

As you see in our video we are a small team, but we are dedicated to helping you achieve all your artistic dreams. We pray 2020 will be the best year of your life and fill you up with the wonders of God’s creations.

Happy Painting!